3 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire in Nigeria

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You’re welcome to my post on 3 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire in Nigeria. This post will serve as a tutorial, for people who wants to; start affiliate marketing with Expertnaire business in Nigeria.

In my previous post on: How To Make ₦300,000 Monthly With Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, I talked about; how Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways, for anyone, to earn money online in Nigeria, whether as a newbie, in internet marketing, or as an expert.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I have been in the online marketing space, in Nigeria, since 2016 and, affiliate marketing remains the most renowned marketing strategy, both for publishers and advertisers.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is simply an agreement between a site owner, who happens to be the affiliate, and a product creator(s).

The affiliate (website owner), promotes the products and, services on his website, or through other media; such as email marketing, or Facebook ads.

In return, the affiliate receives a commission, for every sale, generated through his link.

Here are Nigerians making money with the Expertnaire affiliate platform

72hr Implementation Program results 172hr Implementation Program results 2
72hr Implementation Program results 1
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Let’s dive right into this stuff!

3 Reasons To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria Or Anywhere Else

  1. Cost-Effective and Low-Risk
  2. Brand Exposure
  3. Easy Tracking and Transparency

Cost-Effective and Low-Risk

Do you know the reason, most businesses, have embraced the concept of affiliate marketing? It is because of its cost-effectiveness.

When compared to other forms of advertising, the product creator only pays the affiliate once he delivers results.

These results are usually determined by various parameters such as a sale, click-through or lead, but mostly sales.

Affiliate marketing is also ideal for small startups since it is a low-risk investment.

For instance, here are the basic things you need to launch a proper affiliate campaign:

  • Domain – N1,200 a year if you buy com.ng domain
  • Hosting – N4000 a year is enough
  • Autoresponder – Most give you free for the first 30 days (E.g. getresponse and aweber)
  • Adverts – You can start with a low budget and reinvest as you go.

With other types of advertising, one would be required to pay the costs upfront with no guarantee of measurable results. With affiliate marketing, you only incur an expense when a purchase is made. This is to mean that your investment always earns you a considerable return.

Brand Exposure

One of the secrets to a successful advertising program is brand visibility.

Affiliate marketing allows you to market your product or services on hundreds of websites; therefore, giving you the ultimate brand exposure. An increase in brand visibility translates to increase in revenue.

Moreover, affiliate marketing benefits product owners by offering targeted prospects. Most affiliates only market the products and services, which are likely to appeal to their site visitors.

The affiliate understands his audience; hence, he takes offers that are best suited for them. For the product creators, this means that your products are advertised to a relevant demographic.

Easy Tracking and Transparency

With affiliate marketing, product owners can track the progress of their marketing strategy. It is achieved by assessing the purchases made, click-through rates and page views among other parameters.

By monitoring the performance of your campaign, you can identify the areas to invest in more efficiently.

So those are the 3 reasons why YOU should, start an affiliate online business and the best platform for you, if you have a Nigerian bank account, is the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing platform.

Allow me to properly introduce you to

Expertnaire.com – The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in Nigeria

If you have ever had interest in starting affiliate marketing business, you unavoidably need to join an affiliate program.

An affiliate marketing program, is a platform, that provides the services, tools, tracking links, that monitor the sales, you make and connects it to you, so you get paid a commission.

There are numerous affiliate marketing programs online like Clickbank, JvZoo, Amazon affiliates, Warriorplus, etc that you can join. I know of sure that Clickbank doesn’t accept Nigerians except you use another country to create your account.

This is where Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform comes in.

It is the best affiliate market place for the Nigerian market, and the only digital affiliate market place, that is setup majorly by Nigerians, for Nigerians and, you get paid directly into your Nigerian bank account.

Is Expertnaire Legit?

Expertnaire is an affiliate program which offers helpful digital products to people who need them. If you are an affiliate with Expertnaire, you get to promote digital products. You get a commission of 30-80% for every sale completed through your link.

This means that, if a product sells for N25,000, with 50% commission, what you will get paid is N12,500 per sale.

How do I become Expertnaire Affiliate?

On Expertnaire, Nigerians with quality knowledge based digital products can list them – along with marketing materials that makes selling them easier for affiliates.

Then affiliates can sign up to the Expertnaire platform, pick one or more products to market and use the affiliate links of each product to market them.

When someone buys the product via the affiliates’ link, the affiliate will get a commission for that product.

Now that you understand how this works, here’s is a quick guide on how you can become an Expertnaire affiliate.

  • Start by signing up for an Expertnaire account.
  • Pay the Membership Fee of 10k per year. (BUT You can have access to FREE Expertnaire membership for 1 year with hands on training and coaching by joining the 72IG Hour Income Generator Program.)
  • Choose your bank to start the payment.
  • Sign in to your Expertnaire Affiliate Account.
  • Choose one of the HOT products in there.
  • Set up a marketing campaign to promote the products.
How do I get paid as an Expertnaire Affiliate?

Once you become an expertnaire affiliate, you get paid your commissions every week – on Fridays like clockwork. The pay-out is sent straight to your Nigerian bank account.


Affiliate marketing offers a win-win situation for the product owner and the affiliate. Products creators get to enjoy a wider market to advertise their products or services. Besides, this platform gives you direct access to your target audience.

On the other hand, affiliates can make immense profits quickly. Typically, you can generate income without incurring any production costs or inventory expenses. The best part is that you can join any affiliate marketing platform for free.

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