Complete Easy Online Jobs & Earn Unlimited N1,600 Commissions Right Now

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To make money online by; carrying out easy online jobs in Nigeria, is now possible, with the major increase of people; who need daily assistance, on the internet, either with growing their businesses or, engaging with their social media profiles.

It’s Maryanne Theodore here, and welcome to 48 Hour Bucks. I started this site to write about; how to make money online in Nigeria. On this post, we will be looking at, how to earn unlimited N1,600 commissions, by completing easy online jobs, in Nigeria.

Before we dive into this, if you’re new here or, you are reading my post for the first time, you should bookmark this page, visit here, from time to time, in order, to learn new ways to, make legit money online and, share with your friends, as well.

Now that you’ve done that, I will be showing you the best platform, that I use and, recommend to my subscribers, who want simple ways, to earn money online, while they focus; on their major businesses or, just by scrolling through social media, every day.

The jobs you need to complete varies and, include commenting on Instagram or YouTube contents, like a Facebook page and, following a social media profile, among others.

The platform is none other than the OwoDaily platform, which was founded by TeamXclusive Africa and, registered under the Co-operate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) with R.C No: 1484879.

This post is a follow up on my OwoDaily review post, I published a week ago.

What’s OwoDaily About?

OwoDaily operates the digital marketplace that connects advertiser clients with freelancers in Nigeria. All Verified Members get access to available jobs which they can apply for, submit proof, to earn daily.

You are being paid to complete easy jobs, like the examples I stated above.

I know you are asking, how you can make money with this platform. Let me break it down for you, to understand, how this works.

You deserve to know how a platform you are investing in works, right?

Now here’s the deal with OwoDaily

This stuff is very simple. All they do is to, connect an advertiser with a publisher.

It’s as simple as that.

Alright, let’s say I own a YouTube channel, and I need to create awareness about my channel. Maybe I need more subscribers or more people to view and, comment on my videos. I would simply register an account with OwoDaily as an advertiser or business, and, pay people – the publishers to do these.

That’s how you come into the picture.

Yours is to apply, to the jobs available, submit your prooff, when you’re done and, you get paid for the jobs.

You can apply to comment on a particular post on YouTube or Instagram post.

Members earn a set amount of money, when completing easy online jobs available on the platform. You get paid between N8 – N50 per job and, there’s a job you get paid N5,000 for.

After you must have completed a particular job, you submit the proof and, get credited to your OwoDaily account. Thereafter, you can withdraw straight to your bank account, when you’ve earned N5,000 minimum and, you can complete as many jobs as possible.

This means you can earn unlimited amount of money, on OwoDaily, by completing easy online jobs, day in, day out.

Wait a minute, it seems this stuff is still doing somehow in your eyes. Take a look at the jobs you can complete in this image.

Jobs available on OwoDaily

You’ve seen the jobs are not limited, to Instagram and YouTube. They include Facebook, Twitter and, there are jobs, for those who own blogs, as well.

How to Apply for Easy Online Jobs on OwoDaily

Simply click on Apply and, follow the instructions written; on the description carefully, to complete each job.

Immediately you have completed the job, you are asked to submit your proof while, you wait for the advertiser; to approve your job, once that has been done, you are credited.

The proof could be your Instagram username, Facebook or YouTube name, it usually depends on; the job you applied for.

There are numerous jobs, for you to complete daily, so you will make a lot of money.

Like I said already, all that is required of you, is apply to a job, complete it as soon as you can and, submit the proof there, on the platform and, you get credited for your time.

It’s simple as that.

Just by performing easy online jobs in Nigeria.

How to Earn Unlimited ₦1,600 Commissions

Now this is the affiliate marketing aspect of the platform, and trust me, this is where the money is in. As a member, you earn ₦1,600, for each verified member, you refer to the platform, through your affiliate link.

This is optional but, with this alone, you can make a lot of money; by introducing other people, to OwoDaily platform. When the people you refer, also refer others you earn N200 bonus for that referral. You also earn 3%, whenever your referral decides to, deposit money on the platform to post jobs.

Let’s do little calculations. I love calculations only when it involves money (owo) hahaha…

For each person you refer, you make ₦1,600

If you refer 10 people

₦1,600 x 10 equals ₦16,000

If you refer 20 people

₦1,600 x 20 equals ₦32,000

Should I continue? You see there’s no limit to this. That’s why I call it unlimited ₦1,600 commissions. Remember no skill is required to start this. You can register on the platform today, and start making money right now.

How Can I Get Referrals Easily?

If you want to make enough money from this platform, plan to refer people. But what if I’m not good with referrals? You ask.

Simply let me know through info[at], after registering and, activating your account, so I can teach you, one-on-one, how to get a lot of referrals.

If you read my OwoDaily review post, you will see other ways you can make money through the OwoDaily platform.

As a beginner, I advise you focus to completing the easy online jobs and, referring people to the platform. Once you’ve minimum of N5,000 in your account, you can go ahead to withdraw to your bank account.

Can anything be simpler than this?

How To Register & Complete Easy Online Jobs In Nigeria

To register an account, you will be required to pay registration fee of N3,000.

Simply sign up to become a member of the OwoDaily Community and, activate your account instantly.

After which you get access to digital jobs and, other benefits that comes with your OwoDaily account. You will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, to set up your account and, then select password you wish to access it, That’s it!

Sites Like OwoDaily

Most of the sites that offer paid jobs and, opportunities to everyone for doing the usual things you do daily online mostly, on social media platforms, are not Nigerian based.

The few I know like, which is an online marketplace for easy and quick jobs connecting employers and workers all around the world, do not pay into your Nigerian bank account.

So I would say, this is the first of its kind. What does this tell you…to make good use of this platform and, get paid for simply completing easy online jobs in Nigeria.

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