Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: How To Make ₦300,000 Monthly

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You are reading this post, because you have been searching for; how to make money online, in Nigeria, with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing.

And believe me, this post, is really what you’ve been searching the internet for, as it will explain everything; about Expertnaire affiliate marketing program in Nigeria, how you can start right now and, make money in the next 48 hours.

But, before we dive right into this, spare a moment and think about what EXTRA N300,000 can do for you.

Will, you be able to pay that rent, pay school fees, bills, take a vacation, probably twice a year, you are smiling, cause it feels good, to be able to afford your heart desires.

I guess you are reading this post because you:

  • desperately want an extra source of income, probably what you have now is not enough, to cater for all your WANTS.
  • have access to an internet connection, on your phone or desktop, you have heard, and seen testimonies of people, making money with the same internet you have, and you want to do the same.
  • want a legitimate way to make money online in Nigeria, which will not take much of your time.
  • just want to be able to make an extra N300, 000 – N500,000 per month ONLINE.

If this is you, then you should pay attention to this post and ask your questions in the comment section, after this post.

Imagine waking up every Friday to emails like ‘[Input your name], You Just Received A Payment of N75,000‘.

It might not be a lot of money, to some people, but earning an average of N75,000 weekly, which is N300,000 monthly, will help you take care of your expenses.

That can take care of your transportation, gas, small expenses for your spouse and children, your internet subscriptions, weekend expenses, etc.

The interesting thing is, this is just a side income. That means you can still go to work, or attend to your business, or go to school if you’re a student. Maybe you think I’m pulling your legs but I’m not.

I’m damn serious!

You might be wondering why I’m so confident that this will work. It’s because I’ve seen people like you and I do this and are raking in millions already. Living a comfortable life, earning from the internet.

You need proof, right? Take a look at these:

Pascal Mbaka Expertnaire Affiliate marketing
This is Mr Paschal Mbaka receiving his cheque of N2,292,000 from Toyin Omotoso
Onome Maureen Expertnaire Affiliate marketing
This is from Mrs Onome Maureen, her payment for the week
72hr Implementation Program results 1
Imagine profit as modest as this – making N1,004,486 from 103 sales

There is a direct formula to having such testimonies, like the images I have shown above, and it is simple. I promise to break them down into 3 steps, for you.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Expertnaire affiliate marketing program (best affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria as at the time of publishing this)
  • 72 Hour Income Generator (Best roadmap to make such profits from Expertnaire)

This formula is a simple one, it’s not like quadratic equation formula lol.

Should I shock you? The most profitable online business in Nigeria, you can start with low capital is, Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways, for anyone to earn money online in Nigeria, I mean anyone. This is a quick and passive method to earn highly scalable cash, and that is easy to set up.

If your question is: What is the best affiliate marketing program in Nigeria? My straight-forward answer is Expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

And the best way to make at least N300,000 monthly, on the Expertnaire platform like the images shown above, is through the 72 Hour Income Generator System, which I will introduce to you, any moment from now.

Like I promised earlier on, I will reveal everything to you in this post.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria?

While there are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet, Expertnaire is one of the few high-paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, that pays every week – on Fridays with huge commissions on hot selling digital products.

Products and online courses on Expertnaire affiliate marketing program includes:

  • 10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass by Jonathan Melody – ₦35,000 with 40% commission
  • YouTube Profits Blueprint – ₦30,000 with 40% commission
  • Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package – ₦18,000 with 50% commission
  • Instagram Growth Hack – ₦50,000 with 50% commission

Let’s do a little calculation, you can use your calculator if you want.

Case study #1

10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass by Jonathan Melody at ₦35,000 with 40% commission is ₦14,000.

Imagine selling this everyday for 30days!

₦14,000 x 30 = ₦420,000 a month

Case study #2

YouTube Profits Blueprint at ₦30,000 with 40% commission is ₦12,000.

₦12,000 x 30 = ₦360,000 a month

Case study #3

Toyin Omotoso Sales and Marketing course at N18,000 with 50% commission is N9,000.

N9,000 x 30 = N270,000 a month

Case study #4

Instagram Growth Hack at ₦50,000 with 50% commission is ₦25,000.

₦25,000 x 30 = ₦750,000 a month

Do you see now, how those people: in the images shown above, can make such amounts of money, in the same Nigeria?

The thing is a lot of Nigerians don’t even know such an oil well exist.

How does Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing work?

If you’ve been selling; affiliate products for a while now, whether physical or digital products, then you probably think, you have a fairly good handle, on how the process works.

Expertnaire works similar to any other affiliate platform you must have heard of or used before.

It’s all quite simple: you get given a link, you promote a product, using the said link, and you then get commission on all the sales that come from that link.

But do you know how this all works? Do you know how the product creators know the link came from you? And do you know how to protect your links? Let’s take a closer look at the nuts and bolts.

What’s actually happening when someone clicks on an affiliate link, is that a cookie is being left on their computer. This then means that, when they go to buy the product, they can be identified, as having been sent by you – the affiliate.

This is why Expertnaire affiliate scheme can still pay out, even if someone clicks on your link, goes away, and then comes back later; to buy the product.

Whether or not that will happen for you, though it will all depend on: how long the cookie lasts – most have an ‘expiry date’.

Likewise, it’s worth bearing in mind that, someone could click on a second affiliate and then get a new cookie from another marketer.

Meanwhile, some potential buyers might try and, sidestep your affiliate link all together, and, go directly to the website to buy the product. This is called ‘link bypassing’ and it’s the reason that smart affiliates will use, another strategy called ‘link cloaking’, in order to protect their earnings.

This essentially means using a referral to disguise the link, though there are numerous ways you can achieve this. Something to think about!

What if I’m not good with referral?

If you are not good in referring or more importantly, converting visitors to customers, Expertnaire platform handles all that for you.

For instance, take a look at the Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire – Joe Okoro which comes with a video by the seller, so you don’t have to talk much – you simply refer them to the page.

The sales page is usually created by the creator of the product. Also, like I said earlier, you’re given your affiliate links and email swipe files – though most course creators don’t give the swipes.

An email swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters, that you can tweak and send to your subscribers.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

Until you’re registered on the Expertnaire platform, you won’t know how easy it is, to use the platform, and make money.

You can register on today, and pick up a few digital products, you can recommend to your audience, products that can solve their problems.

They charge N10,000 per year, to become an affiliate BUT You can have access to FREE Expertnaire membership for 1 year with hands on training and coaching by joining the 72IG Hour Income Program.

Once you have successfully, login to your Expertnaire account; after paying your N10,000 registration fee, you will see a dashboard containing your

All time sales – Which is the amount of products you have sold from Expertnaire.

All time earnings – How much you have made from Expertnaire.

Account balance – How much you have currently on Expertnaire

Next Payout – How much you will get paid on the coming Friday.

Expertnaire Products

There are numerous digital products on Expertnaire platform. I will mention 8 hot products below along with their prices and commissions you get for selling each.

By the names, you can easily see why they are hot selling, because they are courses or products Nigerians are desperately searching for online.

Now sit down and calculate how much you want to make selling these products with incredible commissions.

The best part is you get paid weekly – on Fridays into your Nigerian bank account where you can easily withdraw.

72 Hour Income Generator

Wait a minute, I hope you haven’t registered already, cause this is the program I don’t want you to miss.

72hr Income Generator is a detailed FREE Step-By-Step Video Training by Toyin Omotoso that shows you how to use the Expertnaire Affiliate Platform to make at least N400,000 per online.

Remember I said that, to sign up on Expertnaire, you have to pay N10,000 annually – that’s per year.

If you are hearing about affiliate marketing for the first time or you’re a newbie, you maybe stuck on selling 10 Expertnaire products not to talk more of selling 30 products monthly,

Whereas you are reading about others making N300,000 monthly or even millions like the images shown above in Expertnaire affiliate program.

When you apply those strategies, and use the tools, you can become one of the highest paid super affiliates in Nigeria as well. If you signup, for the 72 Hour income generator system now, you will get Expertnaire access FREE for 1 year and access to

My 7 Exclusive Bonuses For My Friends and Subscribers

Yes! I have 7 exclusive bonuses for the first 40 people that will grab a copy of 72Hr Income Generator System. To claim all bonuses, just take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Watch the video training below

​2. Grab a copy of your 72Hr Income Generator System

3. Send your Paystack or Expertnaire order ID to info[at]

More Testimonies Of Newbies Earning Using The ​72hr Income Generator System

72hr Implementation Program results 2

Here’s ONE SECRET I didn’t tell you, none of these super affiliates, was born with the skills; to earn a 7-figure income, from affiliate marketing in Nigeria, they all learned from programs, and courses; like the 72 Hour Income generator.

If you want to succeed, in that quest for financial freedom, which can only be achieved through passive income, a program like this gives you the opportunity.

George Clason, wrote in his book – “The Richest Man In Babylon“: to attract good luck to oneself, it is necessary to; take advantage of opportunities, because they wait for no man. Today it is here, soon it is gone. Therefore, delay not!


I’m sure after going through this post, your question about how to make money online, in Nigeria, with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, has been answered today.

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