The Amazing Blackjack Secret of a Nigerian Sport Betting Genius

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While I was researching Sports Betting in Nigeria, I discovered that the second most visited website in Nigeria is Bet9ja.

This goes on to show how much Nigerians love sports betting and spend a whole lot of money in there.

If you have ever tried to make money through sports betting; you will know just how hard it is to make any money.

However, with online sports betting in Nigeria; there are ways in which people can benefit; from the multi-billion dollar industry without having to risk a penny.

A Nigerian guy I know, Gbenga Akintunde right here in Nigeria; makes over 400k every month doing this as an affiliate.

He doesn’t place a single bet at all and does not own a betting shop!

The online surge in sports betting has allowed for numerous subsidiary business enterprises to appear.

Businesses that allow even the most standard of Internet users to profit from a booming industry.

The most prevalent of these in the sports betting industry is that of affiliate marketing.

You can take advantage of this and make really good cash for yourself.

Did you still ask How?

You can become an affiliate for some of these mega-billion sports betting companies; especially the ones that will pay you lifetime commission, even without knowing anything about football.

Becoming an affiliate is a simple case of signing up for a domain name and an affiliate program. However, becoming a successful affiliate is a far harder proposition.

In a variable industry where there is no real market share or defined success method; affiliates often have to feel their way through the maze of options to get the most out of their scheme.

The affiliate marketing program is well within the means of any Internet user; and has been exploited by hundreds of thousands of sites already.

It is an easy and potentially hugely effective way of earning money from established and profitable online industries.

One of the first things that an affiliate should consider is which industry they wish to represent.

If a new affiliate already owns a site; there may be an industry that is linked to it, and therefore a more relevant to represent.

To earn money, it makes sense to be encouraging a client, that is likely to want to visit a site, if it is linked to something, that has something to do with the content.

For example, it would be fairly inopportune to represent a music site if a site was dedicated to sports.

If however you are looking to create a site; that is dedicated to hard selling the affiliate links; then it is far easier, to mould a site around an industry.

One of the largest online industries, that provide the greatest service, to their affiliates is that of online sports betting in Nigeria.

By joining an affiliate program like that of sports betting, you can increase your chances of earning potential.

This is because it is such a large industry already; and still has growth potential, it provides the perfect backdrop for a new affiliate.

Sports betting affiliate programs offer some of the largest and most profitable payouts to their affiliates.

Like others in the online gaming industry, sports betting programs don’t simply offer small one-off payments; or percentages of a sale.

Instead, an affiliate can sign up, and receive a percentage of each player; that they generate lifetime money created for the site.

Therefore if a person signs up, and bets daily for a few years; the affiliate stands in line to earn a sizeable portion of the bookmaker’s profits for the entirety.

But unlike the bookmakers that they represent, the affiliates stand no chance of losing out, when a player doesn’t generate money; or wins a bet.

The worst thing that can happen is that an affiliate will receive nothing; but they will never be forced to pay a negative balance, which in turn; makes the sports betting program both profitable, and safe.

It is because of this successful, and risk-free equation, that so many people have decided to make their websites dedicated to sports betting affiliation.

As a result, the sports betting industry is achieving phenomenal growth, and affiliates everywhere are experiencing unimaginable gains.

The best thing about the program is that because it is free for anybody to join it is wide open to opportunity for everyone.

There are no restrictions and no qualifications required; so even people with the least marketing, or internet skills can profit from the industry.

How Sports Betting in Nigeria Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate marketing programs work as a reward system for website owners who choose to host advertisements on their sites.

Whether they choose to cover the site in banners, or simply include a few word links, is up to them, but the results are the same.

Essentially the rewards of the affiliate program work; in such a way that even the smallest site can get a piece of the action, if they are lucky enough, or if they market themselves successfully.

Many industries utilize affiliate marketing schemes, but few of these can match the potential gains, that are associated with the sports betting industry.

Since the sports betting industry is so competitive, there is a need for sites to utilize all of the available means to advertise their presence.

The more visible they can make themselves the more likely they can attract customers.

Just like in any other industry that is run on profits; the customer base is key in creating or maintaining success.

It is through the affiliate program that many of these sports betting sites have been able to contact such a vast clientele and maintain their status.

By rewarding the affiliates with a percentage of any player that they attract overall money generated, for the entire lifetime they can create a huge incentive.

With percentages ranging from 20% to 35%, the potential gains for an affiliate are immense.

Therefore affiliates are clambering to get more customers not only for their external sites but also for themselves.

That is because in the affiliate industry the more customers that an affiliate can attract, the greater the revenue they can command.

It is through these huge rewards that the intricacies and beauty of the affiliate system are growing.

With so many people on the Internet working; to create extra customers, the scope with which the sports betting sites, can command is astounding.

No doubt, the affiliate system has aided the growth of the online sports betting industry, making it one of the largest, and most successful industries in the world.

From the affiliates stand point there have been huge gains, with many earning vast salaries just by hosting advertisements.

Through a little bit of effort, and initiative affiliates can earn a serious amount of money; which is incentive enough for any online user.

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